Longhill Stud

Longhill Stud is situated near Umlaas Road about 6km off the N3 on the Richmond Road. The farm is about 35 minutes drive from Hillcrest and about 20 minutes from Pietermaritzburg. We specialize in livery for retired and young horses on 14 acres of beautiful farmland. Horses live out and are free to graze the entire farm with access to open stables 24/7. The horses are brought in twice daily for feeding and grooming. We feed a customized feeding plan from Diets by Design specially formulated for each horse.

The horses live in a herd which is limited to 10 horses providing a peaceful and safe environment for the horse. On arrival we will gradually introduce the new horse into the herd to avoid any issues, however expect a few bites during the first week as the herd resets itself. This is normal as a new pecking order needs to be established.

Horses generally have their shoes removed when coming to the farm and the cost of livery includes monthly trimming. Horses are screened daily for high temperatures and any problems and we are extremely proactive in picking up any underlying issues. Should we need to call in a vet for anything we will consult the owner and make any necessary arrangements.